About Us

Hoteljobber.com is India’s 1st Exclusive Hospitality job portal which has became job hub for jobseekers and channel for hoteliers to find right candidates in right time.

Today thousands of jobseekers/ Hotel Staff (Freshers, Professionals) have registered themselves on hoteljobber.com to find job for themselves.

Such portal for hotel industry was never before designed at professional level. We have all type of Professional hotel staff registered and daily new profiles are registered/updated from India & Abroad.

Whenever job is available hoteljobber.com aggressively reach to candidates/jobseekers and inform them about present openings and then they apply.

This is the only reason due to which hoteljobber.com is the finest hospitality job portal today in short time. Hotel industry focuses mainly on the skills and ability of people who are really capable to amplify themselves in hotel industry. As we all are exploring digitally to the modernize world Hoteljobber helps people to search job easily in Metro cities like Mumbai, Benguluru, Goa, etc. and other far locations like Hill-Station, Tourist Places and many more as per their requirement.


Why hoteljobber?

As mentioned above hoteljobber focuses only on one industry that is hotel. So it becomes very easy for hotelstaff to find relevant jobs and for hotelier same to find staff on the same platform.

hoteljobber invests all of their energy in continuous screening profiles of candidates, follow up regularly and tries to keep mostly verified & updated data.

Many of us from metro knows that Hospitality industry has expanded rapidly in a recent decade with new trends and ambiance. Todays it is biggest employment industry in India & Worldwide which believes in quality and rapid service, no matter what cost they pay. To deliver all this services manpower is required.

In many sectors/industries, labors are replaced by machines and day by day its increasing and now a days due to online shopping lot of small business/ shops are affected and cost cutting is done reducing manpower to survive in market

This is the only industry which stands strong for this segment of people with major openings. Providing Jobs like – Food Delivery, Kitchen helper, House-keeper, Utility, General Helper, Gardening and many more. Appropriate training is given, with good food, uniform, accommodation and with relevant salary range.

HotelJobber.com plays important role by finding job for this people, we help them to build their profile free of cost.

What else is required? it’s the life changing opportunity for such people.