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Welcome to Hoteljobber.com, India's premier hotel job portal. We serve as the bridge connecting hotel job seekers with hotels, resorts, restaurants, resto-bars, and cafes in search of qualified hotel staff.

Today, Hoteljobber.com is where thousands of job seekers, whether they're just starting out or seasoned professionals in the hotel industry, come to discover job opportunities. Our website is unique in the hotel industry, designed especially for high-level professionals. We have a wide range of experienced hotel staff from India and beyond. New profiles are added and updated daily.

When job openings become available, we proactively notify our candidates, ensuring they never miss an opportunity. This is the key reason why Hoteljobber.com has become the finest hospitality job portal in a short time. In the hotel industry, skills and abilities are crucial, and we're here to help people find jobs easily, whether in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, or in more remote locations like hill stations and tourist spots.

Hoteljobber.com is your digital companion in today's modernized world, making it easier to find the right job in the hotel industry, no matter where you want to work.

We offer two mobile apps: "Hotel Jobber Employer" and "Hotel Jobber Jobs."

Hotel Jobber Employer: This app is designed for hotel owners and recruiters. It helps them connect with potential employees for their hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses. Employers can use this app to post job openings and find the right candidates for their job positions.

Hotel Jobber Jobs: This app is for job seekers looking for employment in the hotel and hospitality industry. It's designed to help candidates find job opportunities in hotels, resorts, and related businesses. Users can search for jobs, submit applications, and stay updated on the latest job openings in the industry. These two apps work together to make the job search and recruitment process in the hotel industry more efficient and accessible for both employers and job seekers.

Why Choose Hoteljobber?

Hoteljobber is your ideal choice for all things related to the hotel industry. We specialize exclusively in this field, making it effortless for both hotel staff and hotel owners to connect on a single platform.

We put all our efforts into meticulously screening candidate profiles, ensuring they are up-to-date and trustworthy.

The hospitality industry has been rapidly evolving, becoming one of the largest employers in India and worldwide. Quality and swift service are its core principles, and this requires a skilled workforce.

Unlike other industries where machines are replacing human labor, the hotel industry remains steadfast in its need for manpower. Hoteljobber plays a vital role in providing various job opportunities, from food delivery to kitchen helpers, housekeepers, and more. We provide proper training, uniforms, accommodation, and competitive salaries.

At HotelJobber.com, we help individuals create their profiles at no cost, offering them life-changing opportunities in this ever-growing industry.